Multi Country Study On The Drivers Of Violence Affecting Children: Italy, Peru, Vietnam And Zimbabwe

Innocenti’s latest discussion paper produced in cooperation with Young Lives as part of UNICEF’s Multi Country Study on the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children uses longitudinal data from four countries (Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam) to present important new evidence on the impact of corporal punishment.

The paper first examine the prevalence of corporal punishment at different ages and what this means in terms of what children most dislike about school. Second, it uses regression analysis to explore potential predictors of corporal punishment, as well as the associated effects of corporal punishment on concurrent and later cognitive development and psychosocial well-being. The UNICEF Multi-Country Study on the Drivers of Violence Affecting Children analyses how structural factors interact to affect everyday violence in children’s homes and communities with the aim of informing better national strategies for violence prevention. Available here.


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