Child Labour In Global Society (Sociological Studies Of Children And Youth, Volume 17)

Paul Close (Ed.), Child Labour in Global Society (Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, Volume 17) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2014. ISBN-13: 978-1783507795

Child Labour in Global Society is a critical response to the modern educational regime, compulsory schooling and the 'slavery industry' in a globalizing world; to evolving and exploitative notions of 'slavery'; to definitions of 'slavery' in international law; to approaches to 'educational labor', including in international human rights law; and to cultural, common-sense and professional perspectives on 'slavery' and 'educational labor', in the light of which it is arguable that children's 'slave labor' in modern and modernizing societies is grossly under-estimated and otherwise greatly, if conveniently, misrepresented.


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